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A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is an overview of a person’s work experience, skills, qualifications and abilities.

A well written and professionally presented CV, along with a focused cover letter, gives you a positive introduction to a potential employer.

To obtain an effective CV, you need to provide the consultant with factual information about your:

  •     Experience
  •     Skills you will bring to a new job
  •     Achievements
  •     Work history (including dates and responsibilities)
  •     Qualifications (including year and providers)
  •     Referees (including job title, company of employment and contact details)

We will assist you to develop a personal skills section and include other relevant information.

This material and information will be used to provide you with a Curriculum Vitae which is easy-to-read, grammatically correct and in a layout of your choice.

We can also help you to prepare a job-directed letter of application (cover letter) if required.

Client Comments:

“I sent my CV through to an agency in the UK. He quickly emailed back requesting a telephone call and told me that my CV was very impressive”

E. S., Social Worker

One to one consultation for CVActually already got a trial day in a small plastering business. Had to be the resume that made the difference 🙂

Mikk K.

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